Traditional Mbira Music & Singing of Zimbabwe

Shona mbira music is one of the most soulful sounds on the African continent. For centuries the Shona people of Zimbabwe have connected with the spirits of ancestors. These spirits are summoned by spirit mediums at biras, all-night ritual ceremonies where mystical mbira (metal-pronged thumb piano) music is played and people participate through dancing, singing, and playing mbira. The collective energy created evokes a trance atmosphere that summons the spirits of ancestors to come and give guidance and healing.

mbiraNYC is a collective dedicated to the sharing, performing, and teaching of mbira music of Zimbabwe. We are committed to building awareness and appreciation of the music through concerts, workshops and cultural events. mbiraNYC plays traditional songs that have been handed down through scores of generations as given to us by master mbira musicians. We sponsor visiting Zimbabwean musicians, to perform, tour and teach traditional music. On-going weekly mbira classes are held in the New York & Westchester area, taught by Nora Balaban.

“If you can talk you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance – or just sit and reflect.” – Zimbabwean proverb

Performance: 1:00 PM, Andrus on Hudson, Hastings-on-Hudson
3:00 PM, Square Peg Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson
5:00 PM, Kinnally Cove, Hastings-on-Hudson

Website: mbiranyc.com