Intuition Quartet


Rolling out our best blues, jazz & R&B on guitar, harmonica, bass & drums.

Rolling out our best jazz, R&B and blues on guitar, harmonica, bass & percussion.

The members of Intuition Quartet have been playing together and evolving together for almost nine years. Their music is mostly jazz, blues, R&B and original compositions. IQ features Hope Berkeley on harmonica, Irene Maher on guitar, Joan Indig on bass, special guest Adam Hart on percussion and everyone on vocals. IQ’s favorite venues have included MP Taverna in Irvington, Recologie in New Rochelle and Taiim Cellar in Scarsdale. This is their third year with the Riverarts Music Tour.

Hope Berkeley- harmonica, vocals
Irene Maher- guitar, vocals
Joan Indig- bass, vocals

Special Guest: Adam Hart- percussion

Performances: 4:00 PM, Kinnally Cove, Hastings-on-Hudson