Gray Matters

From Broadway to Phil Spector to the Beatles with Doo Wops, Standards and ’60’s tunes.

The members of Gray Matters met as part of the Senior Jam sponsored by the Greenburgh Public Library. Singing at the library and making up our own harmonies encouraged us to get together and form our own group. Individually the members of Gray Matters have been singing for many (many, many) years. Our music ranges from Broadway to Phil Spector to the Beatles with some Doo Wops, Standards and ’60’s tunes – all with an emphasis on vocal harmony.

Pleasant Bud Coughlin, guitar and vocals
Frank De Ligio, vocals
Elaine Hartstein, guitar and vocals
Deb Pfau, vocals
Louise Wood, vocals
Paul Zengara, vocals

Performances: 3:00 PM, South Presbyterian Church, Dobbs Ferry

Then He Kissed Me

Be My Baby