Bash the Trash

Family Blues/Roots band featuring unusual musical instruments built from recycled and reused materials.

For over 25 years Bash the Trash has been building, performing and educating with musical instruments made from recycled and reused materials. We use science to transform even the simplest stuff into cool and weird musical instruments. Directed by the husband-and-wife creative team (and Hastings residents!) of Carina Piaggio and John Bertles, Bash the Trash features a national roster of over 30 musicians and teaching artists weaving together science, music and environmental awareness.

Some Instruments Used: Trash bass, bangcello, octobass monochordulcimer, diddley bow, trash drums, balloon flute, etc.

Performance: 2:00 PM, First Reformed Church, Hastings-on-Hudson


Facebook: Bash the Trash

Gonna Bash the Trash